Multilingual data-sheet
  • 40+ languages supported
  • Free translated specs by Icecat
  • Decrease translation & content costs
  • Increase online channel sales

Multilingual data-sheets

Icecat product content is used worldwide by tens of thousands of channel partners. These channel partners need product content in the preferred languages of their buyers. Via the Icecat multilingual service, manufacturers' product information is offered automatically in more than 40 world languages. Supported languages currently include: English (UK, US), Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Dutch, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Czech, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Greek, Kroatian, Romanian, Latvian, Catalan and Georgian. We are continuously work on expanding the number of supported languages to fully support the needs of our clients.

Unique: 40+ languages supported

Often manufacturers have only one or a limited number of translations available. By participating in Open Icecat all data-sheet specifications (feature names and values) will be automatically translated into the supported 30+ languages.

Channel partners want multilingual data-sheets

Channel partners want product content in relevant languages. Providing data-sheets only in English is not an option for most channel partners. Additionally, channel partners cannot be expected to translate information for tens of thousands or even millions of products. Via Open Icecat your channel partners can get product data in their language(s) of choice.

  • Multilingual product content for your products for all your channel partners
  • Decrease translation & content costs in your worldwide channel
  • Increase the online visibility of your brand in all your sales regions
  • Automated distribution of your multilingual product content
  • Increase online channel sales
  • Free of charge multilingual product content: All your worldwide channel partners can get your product data in their local language for free.
  • Included in Open Icecat The multilingual data-sheets are distributed to the Open Icecat channel partners
  • Automatically translated: Data-sheet specifications are automatically published in all 30+ available languages

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